Ricky White|Speaker & Trainer

Ricky White has directly trained over 10,000 individuals in settings as small as one and as large as 500. Ricky has spoken on topics such as management, computers, real estate, leadership, franchising, effective communication,  human resources and fundraising just to list a few.  He has trained people in Africa and the USA. Ricky is well versed in interactions with various cultures as he has traveled to over 20 countries on 4 continents. Ricky has been to Africa numerous times including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi and Ethiopia.
What I Do
  1. International & USA Business Consultancy Services
    Ricky has consulted with people all over the world. Ricky is well versed in interactions with various cultures as he has traveled to over 20 countries on 4 continents. Ricky has trained individuals in Africa numerous times.
  2. Executive Educational Projects and Training
    Ricky has trained executives at all levels from entry level to President.
  3. Staff Training & Development
    You are only as good as your staff. Let Ricky help you bring them to their full potential.
  4. Real Estate
    Ricky has negotiated contracts for the purchase and sale of businesses. Ricky can help you in your purchase or sale of businesses.
  5. Public & Private School Professional Development
    Ricky has over fifteen years of experience in public & private schools.
  6. Goal Setting
    Let Ricky help you come up with obtainable goals.
I highly recommend Ricky. He is the consummate professional, as well; he upholds an impeccable level of integrity in his business dealings.  He embodies a stellar character and is a sought after “leadership” trainer.  People know they can trust him, as Ricky practices what he preaches.

I had the privilege of working with Ricky in the capacity of trainer/coach when we traveled to Africa together to facilitate business seminars in Nigeria and Ghana. Ricky was a pleasure to work with and a popular trainer amongst the Africa audiences. He is an intelligent and informed educator as well as an interesting presenter. He was able to think quickly on his feet and synthesize challenging information effectively to make concepts accessible to an array of diverse audiences.

Most trainers/educators are able to convey concepts but have no real world experience. Ricky has both. He is both an outstanding trainer/educator as well as a seasoned business man having spent many years in managerial positions and responsible for delegating big budgets

Leslie Russell
CEO, Founder